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membership organisations

We've helped some of the largest professional membership organisations in the world to become better. We have extensive understanding of how professionals regard professional membership and qualifications and how organisations can better allow the growth of beneficial relationships.

We also have routes established to swiftly gain more information and understanding specific to your requirements:

Return On Investment: is it better to pursue new members or increase rention and grade promotion rates?

3rd Generation segmentation. How can market behaviour be better explained?

Membership modelling. What does the future look like? How do historicla trends project forward? What extra 1% of activity would be most effective.

Predictive age profiling

Answering "Why don't more people join?"

Benchmarking inside and outside the community

Best practice review

Inter membership grade progression

Brand identity and image

Price elasticity

Reducing exits

Social media best practice

Heritage and its value

Sales toolkit

Membership development teams

Trustee presentation and workshops

Developing a more valuable offering

Brand values

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